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Polyurethane Spray Machine Sanberg SG-400


The SG-400 is a hydraulic polyurethane foam sprayer designed for most demanding customers who need a high-capacity machine. The aggregate is constructed differently than the rest of the Sanberg machines, because the foam discharge force is derived from the force of the compressed oil. The machine is light and mobile. The SG-400 Foam Reactor is equipped with a very simple menu that supports the entire machine. Just a few presses and our equipment is ready to work. The ability to extend the heating hoses for material delivery gives us greater possibilities for spraying on high buildings where the machine may remain on the ground. We don’t have to carry heavy equipment. We just pull the hose with the gun and spray.


Sanberg Polyurethane Foam Reactor SG-400 and SG-450 Series is an option for customers requiring high spraying efficiency.

This reactor is supported with wheels so it can be easily moved to any place on the construction site where the foam spraying will be performed. It doesn’t require expanding with expensive heating hoses. The technical solutions used in this reactor are among the easiest to use in this type of machine, making it easy to handle and repair. Every mechanic can fix this device because there is a lot of spare parts available on the market. As the costs of purchasing and servicing of our machines are low the investment pays back in very short time. Parts used in the production come from German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese suppliers.


The designers’ idea was to create a relatively cheap machine comparing to other hydraulic reactors available on the European market. The technical solutions used in this machine are among the easiest to use in this type of machine, making the machine easy to handle and repair. This system is suitable for indoor and outdoor thermal insulation. It is also used as a polyurethane foaming agent. Thanks to the increased heating power, you can spray the material even in winter, where temperatures fall to zero. Rest assured that the weather will not interfere with your plans. Spraying is efficient for both closed or open cellular foam. Our machines have been tested on many types of foams. Tests have proven that the reactor is suitable for spraying any foam available on the market.


Moderdn technology allows for greater efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to the use of modern hose heating and recirculation systems, our machine is the leader in the mid-range segment of the European market. Each of our machines has been tested in England by the CEM International Ltd. and has obtained a CE safety mark. Sanberg Polska is the only Sanberg distributor in Poland. This way customers can always buy our equipment at the lowest prices and revive the highest level of service.

Sanberg Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactors are sold by employees trained in the operation, maintenance, repair, and spraying of polyurethane foam.

All of customers that buy our reactors are trained free of charge and equipped with the knowledge needed for efficient and trouble-free operation of the machine. Each Polyurethane Foam Machine is guaranteed for a period of one year with a possibility of extending the warranty for subsequent years. The warranty is valid in our company up to 5 working days. Sanberg Polska provides access to cheap replacement parts which are much cheaper than spare parts from other companies.


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– insulation of houses, warehouses, cold stores, farms, silos, hangars, boats, etc.

– isolation of basements, spouts; prevention of moisture penetration into premises.

– protective coating spray on the chassis (anti-moisture protection).

– this system can spray hydro-isolating coating on surfaces particularly subject to water penetration.
– this reactor foams two polyurethane components and therefore can be used as manufacturing machine of membrane and PU products. It is perfect as an injection molding machine for house insulations (application of foam into empty spaces between wall bricks)

Standard configuration:

– Proportion Fixed Mainframe: 1 set

– Self-cleaning spray/injecting gun: 1 set

– Heating and preserved pipe: 49.2 feet (15m)

– Connecting pipe for spray gun: 4.9 feet (1.5m)

– Transfer pump: 2 sets

-Repair kit (seals)

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