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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to questions most frequently asked by our customers in relation to our: foam spray machines, spray reactors, spray insulation, foam insulation, polyurethane spraying unit, spray isolation.

Is buying a reactor profitable and when will the investment pay off?

The prices of our machines are relatively low because we are a direct importer and manufacturer. On average, purchase of the machine pays off after 20 orders. If there is no one in the area who offers such services, it is a highly profitable business. Given the number of newly built houses and the number of older buildings requiring insulation, we can be pretty sure that this investment hits a bull’s-eye. Recently, after talking with our client, I learned that in his case the investment payed back in the middle of the first week after the purchase, as he was contracted to insulate farm buildings on a poultry farm near Luton in England. With a pessimistic assumption, this investment offers a greater pay-off rate per year than a bank deposit.

What are the advantages of the polyurethane foam comparing to other types of isolation?

  • Polyurethane foam has a higher thermal resistance value (R). In fact, closed foam has nearly twice the thermal resistance R value than fiberglass.
  • Buildings insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam are more comfortable and consume less energy.
  • Foam filling and sealing of slots and cracks guaranty air tightness.
  • Closed-cell foam provides better moisture isolation than any other isolation type.
  • Foam is more sound-absorbing, it isolates sounds better than fiberglass.
  • Foam does not attract any pests and does not provide the nesting area for pests, in contrary to other isolation materials.
  • Foam prevents insects and other small creatures from entering.
  • Polyurethane foam is superbly flexible, it expands easily and can be applied around other objects, regardless of their shape, as it fills smoothly into the empty space.
  • Air passes through other insulation types, such as fiberglass, and greatly reduces the value of thermal resistance R. With polyurethane foam this problem does not occur, as this material does not allow air to pass through.

•         Closed-cell foam increase strength of the wall construction

Are your reactors as expensive as machines of other companies?

Our reactors are the cheapest in Europe when compared to offer of other reputable companies. Just recently, the spray reactor cost as much as a new, high class car straight from the dealer. Thanks to our company, the prices are much lower. We give a lot of special offers and discounts for our products. You just need to follow our website.

What possibilities does Sanberg Europe give?

Our company’s offer creates an opportunity for you to develop an entirely new business by introduction of various services related with polyurethane foam spray. You can also increase profits of the business that you already run. If your company is an established part of the construction industry, you already have the access to potential customers. Considering the rapid growth of demand for house insulations in our country, choosing our offer gives you a golden opportunity to increase your income. Providing foam spray services simply means additional money – and you can make it on variety of jobs, like covering attic with plasterboard, full house renovation, etc.

Do you deliver your machines abroad and how long does the transport take?

Our company delivers machines to every place on the planet. It doesn’t matter if the customer is from USA or from Germany. Delivery of our products in Poland and Germany takes 24hours upon the payment. Delivery to any place in Europe takes up to 7 days.

Why the polyurethane spray technology is not as popular in Europe as it is in USA ?

It is true that in East Europe polyurethane spray technology is not yet as popular as in West Europe or USA. Many people are still attached to polystyrene or mineral wool as only insulation methods, not realizing that such a fantastic alternative technology exists.

Another thing is that polystyrene and mineral wool manufacturers spread false information about flammability of foam. Foam flammability tests can be found on the internet and they prove that foam is the best insulation material ever invented. In USA poly foam is used for 70-80% of all insulations. Still, many of those who invest in insulation, choose wool because of it’s price. However cost of this material combined with cost of its application is equal to price for foam spray (material and service included). The rest of uncontested foam advantages we will notice as soon as during the first winter after insulation. Bills that the foam insulation users receive after the heating season, are the final proof that polyurethane foam is, by any means, the best insulation material available.

How long is the guarantee period and in what time is the guarantee performed?

All customers purchase their machines with one year guarantee. Guaranty is performed at our company’s site in Poland, usually withing 1 – 3 working days.  100% of all spare parts for our machines are on stock, so the service is fast and easy.

Do you provide service for machines of other suppliers?

Our company provides service for reactors of other suppliers, however it’s charged additionally and the time is longer, as the parts have to be imported.

Where is Sanberg Europe located?

You can check our current address details  here.

What products are offered by Sanberg Europe?

Sanberg Poland distributes polyurethane foam spray reactors. We offer both machines and additional equipment. The product range includes tools for final treatment of polyurethane foam, compressors, power generators, and PPE equipment, such as gas masks and safety uniforms. All spare parts for our machines are offered, as well. Check our OFFER section.

Types of foam spray reactors and their designation.

Sanberg Poland sells both cheap spray units and powerful reactors for polyurethane and polyurea spray. Spray machines are divided into two groups: pneumatic, where the agent is pushed by air-force; and hydraulic, where pushing force is generated by compressed oil. We offer both 230V and 400V reactors. You can even choose machine’s color. If you want to buy a spray system, than you’ll certainly find a perfect one in Sanberg’s product range.

Types of polyurethane foam and criteria of choice.

There are two types of polyurethane foam on the market – open-cell and closed-cell. For external insulations and for areas exposed to moisture, closed-cell foam applies. It is high in density, large in mass and does not grow as much as the open-cell type. The latter applies for floors, foundations and the roofs, that are subject to sheer volumes of water. Open-cell foam has lower density so it is used also for attics insulations and as a fulfillment of walls and free spaces. This foam type has not only low mass but also low density and large expansion rate.

How long does it take to foam spray the whole loft ?

Foam spray of the loft takes one day. Sprayed foam is dry after about 15seconds, and it’s shortly ready for final treatment. It is estimated that one spray team can cover 250-300m2/day.

Why does the polyurethane foam win with other insulation methods?

Polyurethane foam spray as house insulation method becomes more and more popular in Poland. It gradually displace polystyrene and mineral wool. It is popularized by contractors traveling around Western Europe who bring new experiences and knowledge and implement them into our domestic construction industry.

The superiority of polyurethane foam over other thermal insulation methods:

  • Foam insulation does not create thermal bridges, i.e. gaps in the insulation layer. Through such gaps runs out most of the heat – and money.
  • Foam is a non-allergenic material. The mites, bacteria and other parasites are unable propagate in the foam. The foam can not be inhabited by birds or other animals that may carry itch mites (parasites causing scabies).
  • Foam saves from 20% – 50% more heat than traditional thermal insulation methods.
  • Foam is non-flammable material, unlike polystyrene, bitumen paper and others.
  • Covering our house with polyurethane foam turns it into a thermos that will keep warmth much longer than if insulated with any other method. Importantly, though, foam is a breathable material.
  • Polyurethane will soundproof your house. Foam isolation will not only make it warmer but also quieter.
  • Attics insulated with foam retain insulation properties for at least 30 years. The foam does not shrink or fall off.

   •  The foam connects all the roof elements, so that your roof will keep a     cohesive structure during high winds.

How much the polyurethane foam isolation costs?

It is hard to give a clear-cut answer for the question about the cost of polyurethane foam spray. There are a lot of foam types available in the market, and they differ in pricing. Our company does not recommend any foam type, as the choice belongs to investors. The general rule is to avoid foams from unknown suppliers or of Chinese origin. If you need more assistance in this matter, we will be happy to help you, without any charges, and we will choose appropriate foam for your needs and requirements. General rule that you might find helpful,  is that the optimal thickness of sprayed foam layer is 20cm, which equals to 35cm of high quality mineral wool.

Is the polyurethane foam safe for my health?

After 24hours from application, polyurethane foam dose not emit any gases and becomes fragrant free, hard and neutral for the environment. Unlike other materials, foam spray doesn’t accumulate dust, microbes, mites or bacteria, as there is no suitable environment for their propagation in the foam. Birds, insects, rodents and martens, that carry a lot of serious human diseases, cannot live in the foam. Even when the foam is soaked, there are no fungi that can cause respiratory illness. Using a foam layer greater than 10 cm causes no vapor deposition on the wall. You receive a dry, odorless, microbial- and bacterial-free environment. The foam is used succefully for insulation of Canadian style cottages and proved itself suitable for demanding clients from Canada, USA, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Is the polyurethane foam flammable?

Polyurethane foam is not flammable and in contact with fire does not transfer fire to other materials. Hence, in case of fire the polyurethane foam will not spread the flames on the wooden roof structure. This can save your house from complete combustion, before the fire brigade arrives.  All spray foam types have three flammability groups and norms. These standards are regulated by the German DIN 4102 standards.

Does polyurethane foam absorbs moisture?

Polyurethane is a great insulator of heat and water. Water poured on the surface of the foam just flows down on the surface – without getting inside the foam layer. Closed-cellular polyurethane foam does not absorb moisture at all. Open-cell foam absorbs small amounts of water as well as it gives them back. The structure of the open cell foam looks like air blisters connected together. That’s why it is called breathable.

How fast the polyurethane foam dries?

Spray foam dries after 20 seconds and is ready for finishing treatment in about 1 hour from being sprayed.  After 24 hours there is no detectable smell, and after a week all gas from the foam cells is replaced with air.

Can rodents live in the polyurethane foam layer?

The polyurethane foam layer is not a suitable living environment for rodents, because they do not feel cozy in it, do not like the taste of it and cannot feed on it. Polyurethane is not edible, it’s a synthetic material, so it is not digested in the digestive system of the rodent. It’s hard to bite and quickly after trying to do so, the rodent leaves to look for another place to inhabit.

Does the condensation of water occur on the surface of polyurethane foam ?

The reason for the condensation of water on polyurethane foam is the difference between indoor and outdoor air temperatures. If the foam layer is greater than 10 cm, this phenomenon does not occur. We don’t need to use vapor barrier foil unless we want to, for example in the kitchen or bathroom.

Foam Spray on glass wool, formwork and sheet metal.

Spray onto formwork should be performed only when the boards are dry, waterproof, and their moisture content is no more than 15%. When dampness is higher, it is advisable to apply first the closed-cell foam, than a second layer of open cell foam. Optimal spray thickness is 8-10 cm. Spray insulation is sporadically applied on the mineral wool. If you want to do that, it’s not a problem but you must remember to make sure that there is enough space between the foam rafters.

Shape of the foam spray. Can I create a flat polyurethane foam layer?

Shape of the sprayed foam is similar to cauliflower. It is not possible to create a flat foam layer with spray. But you can flatten the layer by cutting it with special knife or milling machine for this purpose.

Why the closed-cell polyurethane foam is more expensive than the open-cell foam?

Closed-cell foam is much more expensive than the open-cell foam, because its density is much higher. It is presented in the following comparison: density of closed-cell foam is 50-60 kg/m3, while the density of open-cell foam is 12-15 kg/m3.

Will I need 400V power supply and how to prepare the surface?

For spraying you need 400V power to charge the reactor and the compressor.  Before foam spray, the premises must be prepared. Remove all items that will interfere with moving the scaffold. Secure all surfaces that may be exposed to foam and dirt.