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Barrel Pumps

Barrel Pumps in Spraying Machine for Polyurethane Insulation

Barrel pumps are used for transporting of raw material from barrels or containers to machines, where they are subsequently heated and further pressed into the spray gun through heating hoses. Our company offers two types of drum pumps that do not differ in parameters, purpose or quality. Their shape and minor differences in construction are the only distinctions between these two pumps. The pumps offered by our company distinguish from the competition in the availability of cheap spare parts and simple, trouble-free construction.

Notice: pump can be damaged or broken if sand, lumped foam component or any other foreign object gets inside. In such case, disassemble the pump immediately and remove the fault.

Easy and instant access to all replacement parts offered by our company makes handling our pumps undemanding and cheap. You can fix it yourself and on the spot, without wasting time for professional service. So far we haven’t had any customer who would need to replace the barrel pump due to fatal breakdown. Replacing gaskets, sealing rings and metal spheres is usually enough to make your drum pump work like a new one.

The pictures below show the two types of barrel pumps applicable for our machines. SANBERG BP-10 and SANBERG BP-20 are always on stock. They also fit other polyurethane spraying machines on the market.

Sanberg BP-20 Barrel Pumps for the Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactors

Sanberg BP-20 Barrel Pump is a new pump model, in which the pump is controlled by reactor – not the pump itself. This pump is easier to transport due to lack of any loose air-ducts. It’s an obvious advantage of this solution. The disadvantage of these pumps is more difficult access to the device interior and more complicated mechanism operation.

The manufacturer declares larger flow rates without replacing sealants, comparing to older models. Pumps are used in the new type of polyurethane foam reactors, they are easier to transport and lighter.

Sanberg BP-10 Barrel Pumps are the older generation pumps, however they have many advantages. BP-10 pumps have very simple construction and they are easy to repair. If they are used frequently, the sealants must be replaced every now and then. It’s nothing to threat the budget of a small construction company. Parts are available from stock and we deliver them within 12 hours.

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