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Promotional film of Sanberg Polska. Reactors for polyurethane foam, polyurea and polyurea hybrids.


Spraying Polyurethane Foam in Minus Temperatures. Polyurethane spray machine Sanberg SG-300

The film was shot in January at minus 7 degrees . It can be seen that despite the minus temperature, the machine sprays polyurethane foam without any problems. The machine’s heaters are able to heat the material even at such temperatures. The machine draws 10kw of power from the network and as such, it is a very good result. The Purex  NG-0808NF-B2 polyurethane foam has been use . Despite the negative temperature and high humidity of the air, the foam grew very well. The polyurethane foam spray machine Sanberg SG-300 is a machine that thanks to its parameters can work even in winter. For our machine winter is not a problem.

The following video shows the operation of a polyurethane foam spray machine. As you can see, it is not difficult and takes about 15 minutes.