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Polyurethane Spray Machine Sanberg SG-200


Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactor SG-200

Perfect System for Polyurethane Foam Spray for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactor SG-200 is a professional device for PU foam spray and PU foaming. It is most popular among small and medium-sized companies that have no need for expensive screw compressors for air supply.

Spray Reactor SG-200 is improved by engineers and it keeps pace with the parameters of other good quality spray machines. Our reactor was designed to become an affordable machine with high efficiency on large surfaces.

Technical solutions applied for this reactor are as simple as it is possible considering this machine range, and therefore our SG-200 PU spray system is effortless to manage and repair.


Thanks to wide range of spare parts available on the market our foam machine can be easily repaired in any workshop. The costs of purchasing and servicing of our reactors are very low so the investment pays back in a really short time. Parts used for construction are of German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese origin.

Comparing to lesser models SG-200 reactor has increased heating power. Another improvement is longer hose, making this machine perfect for polyurethane foam application onto high-located areas. SG-200 reactor is also smaller and lighter than cheaper models. It can be easily put in and out of the vehicle and transported to spraying location. It is especially useful where the transfer hose is not long enough. Spraying with this polyurethane machine is very intuitive, as it contains only small number of buttons and is not overdone by irrelevant elements. Simplicity of our SG-200 means effortless, problem free work at a very low cost.

According to EU guidelines building industry is soon gooing to intensify its focus on passive houses, which will in in turn increase requirement for energy-efficient and insulation materials. Make your decision today, don’t let your neighbour start a lucrative business before you. New polyurethane technology is a future of modern building industry as it is simply the best solution for the house insulation.


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– insulation of houses, warehouses, cold stores, farms, silos, hangars, boats, etc.

– isolation of basements, spouts; prevention of moisture penetration into premises.

– protective coating spray on the chassis (anti-moisture protection).

– this system can spray hydro-isolating coating on surfaces particularly subject to water penetration.
– this reactor foams two polyurethane components and therefore can be used as manufacturing machine of membrane and PU products. It is perfect as an injection molding machine for house insulations (application of foam into empty spaces between wall bricks)

Standard configuration:

– Proportion Fixed Mainframe: 1 set

– Self-cleaning spray/injecting gun: 1 set

– Heating and preserved pipe: 49.2 feet (15m)

– Connecting pipe for spray gun: 4.9 feet (1.5m)

– Transfer pump: 2 sets

-Repair kit (seals)

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