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Hose for PU Foam Machine

Polyurethane Spray Hose

Transfer Hose of the Polyurethane Spray Reactor consists of two transfer hoses (for POLY and ISO), of air gun cleaning line, heating hose and hose temperature sensor.

Transfer Hoses for POLY and ISO are strongly resistant to pressure. Their resistance is up 400 BAR and the bursting pressure is over 1000 BAR. Theoretically, there are no such forces in the machine that could break these hoses. They can only be damaged mechanically or by unintentional clogging with bloated foam components.

Transfer Hose of the Polyurethane Spray Reactor can be used  also as an extension. Standard Polyurethane Spray Hose is only 15meters long. If you want to leave your reactor in the car, then buying an extra hose will be a good investment.

The heating line is installed along the entire length of the hose. It’s function is to maintain the temperature of the flowing agents.

There is an additional line in the hose, connected to the temperature sensor. When burnout or sensor damage occurs, the OMRON controller will display ERROR sign.

The air line is added to the gun and is used to prevent the gun from clogging with polyurethane foam. It is highly probable that when the valve on the pistol is left  open and the air-flow through the spray gun is stopped, the gun will be blocked with polyurethane foam.

Entire hose is secured with a plastic mesh. The mesh is designed to protect the hose components from damage. It is recommended tosecure the hose  additionally by wrapping it with stretch foil. It prevents the polyurethane foam from sticking to the surface of the hose. The second way to protect the hose from damage is by putting the fire hose on it. This is a more expensive solution, but it’s safer and more durable.


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