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Polychem Systems

Pioneers in the polyurethane industry.
The polyurethane sector has seen some difficult times on the Polish market. The experience gained over the nearly 35 years of our activities, during periods when the political landscape was transformed and economic trends changed, has taught us how to build our business future. When the polyurethane sector was at its larval stage, Polychem Systems Sp. z o.o. was developing the production technologies which would become the foundation of our success in the years to come.


Two-component systems for manufacturing rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane foams by spraying with specialist high-pressure devices. They are characterised by a low value of heat conductivity ratio among insulation materials used in construction. Products of this group are used both outdoors and indoors. Such systems allow the user to quickly apply a jointless layer of insulation.

The PUREX NG group also includes systems for manufacturing open- and closed-cell foams, for systems which vary in terms of density:

  • open-cell foams 7-12 kg/m3,
  • closed-cell foams: 35 – 65 kg/m3.

All foams used in construction have the CE marking.
There is a special group of spray systems: NG L with increased density (130 – 700 kg/m3).

Example applications:

Thermal and acoustic insulations of:

  • attics,
  • ceilings,
  • roofs,
  • walls,
  • floors,
  • foundations.

Application in residential:

  • housing,
  • public utility buildings,
  • industrial plants,
  • agricultural and livestock buildings.

Application of a reinforcing layer on different types of products, e.g. stiffening ABS and PMMA mouldings.

Our products:

  • PUREX NG-0808NF-B2
  • PUREX NG-0810NF
  • PUREX NG-0428
  • PUREX NG-0428HG
  • PUREX NG-0440LD
  • PUREX NG-0440