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Sanberg SG-10 Polyurethane Foam Spray Gun


SANBERG SG-10gun is easy to build and clean. Spray gun for polyurethane and polyurea. The gun is equipped with a self-cleaning system through compressed air.


Sanberg Pu Foam Spray Gun

Standard Polyurethane Foam Spray Gun for High Pressure Reactors from Sanberg

Foam Gun is a cheap alternative to expensive equipment while maintaining excellent spray. Technology used in the gun guarantees thorough compounding of the foam components and trouble-free application. The gun is coated with a chemicals- and solvent-resistant paint. It is recommended for small and medium-sized companies specializing in polyurethane spraying. Spare parts for this gun are available at hand in our company. Access to parts at relatively low prices is an asset of the foam gun, as it cuts down the costs of spray significantly.



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