Compressor and Power Generator for Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactor.

To perform the polyurethane foam spray, you will need not only the reactor, but also a compressor and, optionally, power generator. Let’s start with compressors.

For Sanberg Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactors SG-100, SG-200, SG-300, the air demand is 1000L/min. For hydraulic machines air demand is lower – 400L/min. When buying a compressor you need to consider how much space you can afford it to occupy, what your power supply is, and how much money you can spend. My experience shows that when two compressors are compared, sometimes the differences can be surprisingly big – so it’s better not to save time on choosing the perfect one for your purposes and capabilities. The most common for the polyurethane foam spray are piston compressors and screw compressors.


What Technical Parameters the Compressor for Polyurethane Foam Spray Should Have?

The tank is not the most important technical parameter to consider when choosing the foam reactor. What counts is the actual production of compressed air per minute. If the machine’s demand is 1000 l/min you have to think carefully on your choice. You must remember that the compressor can create problems with an overload protection – it may happen, that after we connect the compressor to the network or reactor, an overload protection will blow up at a start-up. Why does it happen? Well, the answer is very simple. At a start up each device consumes far more power than during normal operation. Compressor that normally uses 7,5kW, will use 14kW at a start-up. There are different ways to reduce the effect of a fast start-up, and one of them is the Softstart. This is a rather expensive solution, because it costs several hundred zloty, but it works.

The other solution, costly butt efficient, is the screw compressor with combustion drive. The power supply problem doesn’t occur for these compressors.

Our reviews.

Machines of which supplier does Sanberg recommend? We can’t actually give answer to that question, as the market’s offer is wide, and we do not favor any of the companies manufacturing compressors or power generators. The compressors we sell are produced by Walter Kompressortechnik. For our services we use a piston compressor Walter SG-1400 with 500L tank. This machine meets the air demand standards, but it has one drawback. It is large and noisy. After several seasons of working with this machine, I decided that if I were to buy another one, I would’ve spend more money for the screw compressor.


Power Generator for the Polyurethane Foam Spray Reactor.

The next device that you need is the power generator. If you want to have a power supply on the construction sites without a three-faze current, the 400V unit will be a good choice. However, while the power generator solves a lot problematic issues, it can cause troubles itself. So how to choose an appropriate generator to our foam reactor plus compressor set? It is actually quite simple, if we know exactly what we need and what we want to achieve with our device. If the generator is to supply power only to the reactor, than the 15kW unit will be sufficient. If it is to supply power for both reactor and compressor, than you need from 25kW to 30kW generator. Why did I write the power required in range, rather than in a defined number? Because you need to leave the power reserve for the reactor, so that it doesn’t work on it’s full power all the time, but rather on such power, that would not cause a dynamo burnt after a month.